15+ Best FRIDAY THE 13th MEMES 2023

Collection of Friday The 13th Memes
Collection of Friday The 13th Memes

It’s the beginning of the weekend, but it is not the typical start to a normal weekend because it is Friday the 13th. The day is filled with those who are superstitious looking over their shoulder for killers, including anything that is considered bad luck, like a full moon or black cat. The day is so well known that they made a slasher film franchise from it to scare the pants off those who find the day unlucky. Whatever the case may be, if you believe in the bad luck or not, we can all have a bit of fun with the day, maybe scare a few kids or whatnot. To celebrate the weekend and everyone’s favorite weekend day, I have collected some true and funny memes to share with family, friends, and just internet strangers. Check out these funny Friday the 13th memes 2023 and all the jokes and laughs to welcome in the weekend fun.

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Friday The 13th Memes

I hope everyone gets a good laugh, like I did, at some of these Friday the 13th memes 2023. I know I needed it because this time of year is always stressful, but at least we have the weekend to look forward to, well most of us that don’t work on the weekend anyways! Right now, parents are planning their kids’ school schedules, as well as sports and other activities, so we could use a little laugh, and these funny memes will certainly evoke a laugh or two. Did you have a favorite meme from this list or one you saw that made you laugh and think I should include it? I am constantly updating this list, so I would love to include more, especially since it is becoming closer and closer to the time to return to school in some way, shape, or form. Enjoy!

Ch Ch Ch on Friday the 13th

I don’t always Ch Ch Ch, but I do on Friday the 13th!

friday the 13th meme are coming

Prepare for all of the Friday the 13th memes.

guess what day it is friday the 13th

Guess what day it is!!!

lake crystal on friday the 13th
jason wears crocs on friday the 13th

Jason wears Crocs on his Friday the 13th killing sprees.

friday on the 13th means the first day of the month was on a sunday

If the 13th falls on a Friday, that means the first day of the month began on a Sunday.

Happy Friday the 13th from Jason

Happy Friday the 13th!

hey girl its friday the 13th from ryan gosling

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling wants to get a little superstitious together on Friday the 13th.

sent home from work on friday the 13th

A superstitious boss sends home his employees on Friday the 13th.

friday the 13th andfeeling superstitious just a little stitious

I’m not superstitious but I am a little stitious.

waiting for friday the 13th on thursday the 12th

Thursday the 12th waiting for tomorrow with mask and machete.

keep calm its friday the 13th

Keep calm, it’s Friday the 13th.

casual friday the 13th

Casual Friday the 13th at the office.

Happy friday the 13th
friday the 13th with full moon and black cat